Saturday, February 11, 2006

18th birthday

Yup. 11th feb is my 18th bdae. 18 is like another phase of life. Dunno why oso. But it sounds magical... as well. I can now watch M18 movies, buy alcohol, buy 4D and donate blood w/o e need for parents' consent. =)

~ Xiaoyou. She gave me my present at e very start of e yr 2006. It's a calender, totally done by xiaoyou herself. E drawings, e sweet letters behind each month... I can feel e love in it. I placed e present dat she gave me for sec 3 bdae right in front of it. E most significant part of table- my darling xiaoyou's presents to me

~ HC dancers! thx so much for e lovely roxy wallet and e lovely hp accessory. And thx lots for e card too! Very sweeeeeeeet! until got diabetes~ >.<>

~ Thx Kao for giving me e lovely perfume. Gucci ME. v sweet scent. Surely will use it. =) and thx for dat teen titans game too!

Issac called me today to wish me happy bdae, from huang cheng lightings group. They're damn sweet lar. Den puppy called a while ltr to wish me happy bdae. Issac, yihui, wangye wish me happy bdae as well. After dat hanbao called using puppy's phone and did a very bad imitation of puppy's gf. -_- as u can see, burgers can't act. so dun force them. =P

To everyone who wishes me happy bdae: I must truly say thank you again. Really v touched.

To everyone who gave me presents: I love them and I'm serious when I say dat. They're really very sweet. Zhen de hen xi huan. Thank you!

To my family, I love u all. Esp. Dad... Thx for taking time off work to come back to celeb my 18th bdae b4 gg back for work. =)

I was born, 18 yrs ago, to this world, at ard 3pm after my dad finished his lunch of curry rice. hehe quite funny.



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