Monday, February 13, 2006

13th feb and a monday...

but nevertheless a happy (though tiring) day! =)

~Yining gave me an ancient lunchbox (which she used in P3) e moment we returned to classbench from morning assembly. She opened it and I saw... 3 cookies. As she claimed, it spells "I luv Y" and e luv is a heart shape. But I thought e Y looks like a distorted heart shape hahaha. They love me so much dat it's burnt. *hint hint* but nevertheless sweet and heartwarming~ Oh btw Xuet baibai guolu and yining made me this! =) thx gals!

~ Pinxiu gave me a sweet smelling candle in a pretty plastic bag in e morning. She wrote me a msg on a piece of nicely burnt parchment. Really super cool. Thx pinxiu! btw by saying dat, I'll scratch u every morning once I see u k? =)

~ Yuqing aka daughter gave me a bag of marshmallows (when I had choc fondue ytd with marshmallows and grava... and craving for more!) and a hand-made card, which she claimed dat she took a whole day making it. The card fully displayed her artistic ability. It's a pop-up card in e shape of a cat! miaow! so cute! and the bag of marshmallows has a cat and a mouse on e package! Thx daughter!

~ Xiaogui gave me a handmade card and a sweeeet hp accessory, heart shaped, with a flower in it. Her handmade card is soooooooooooo cool! She made it so well dat when I first looked at it I thought she bought it! Argh another gal with superb artistic sense. Even her envelope is handmade! Thank you so much Xiaogui! =)

~ Chengying aka apple gave me a softie package and said to open at home or under her absence. Hehe v cute right? Anw it is a vvv cute pouch with a smiling cat in front. Soooooo kawaii! And there's a little blue bell attached to e zip which Qing claimed for it to be e ball for e cat to play... is it true nt CY? I think e pouch will look even cuter with ur photo on it. =D

Oh yar din mention dis. My parents were damn funny. Both of them thought dat on 10th feb when I carried a few plastic bags full of presents back home, dat I bought so many presents for my friends. So I was like -_-...

They forgot abt my bdae.

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