Friday, February 10, 2006

10th feb

It was really an unforgettable and enjoyable last-of-my-17-yr-old day...

After morning assembly, ning gathered evreyone and den they all sang bdae song for brother and I. I was quite paiseh dunno why... heh. But very touched. Really super touched.

~ Rong gave me a glass slipper on behalf of e class. V sweet and pretty delicate piece. =)
~ Brother, Tianyou, Hoe and Hanbao gave me a pillow with e words "Dancing queen" and a gal dancing beside it. And gaara keychain and naurto card. Thx a lot le guys! v sweet of u all. =)
~ Xiuming aka mei gave me a box of 99 paper cranes. thx thx =)
~ North rewrote chorus lyrics of his fav "Ye4 Qu3" for me... hahaha "special" ah... thx north =)

This paragraph is specially for my darling charms. She bought a piece of my fav. heavy choc cake with candle for me. That's e 1st part of e bdae prez. Second part is a whole jar of 18 cranes with msgs written inside. E jar is nicely decorated! Third part is e rj shirt! not strictly a bdae prez though heh coz i requested 4 it... Fourth part is a nice animal album w a cd at e back. I love e song dear. Friends Forever! And oh! I shall read ya msg slowly... Very xin tong to unfold them... heh =)


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