Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hello 2006!

Went to help out for Boonlay Countdown ytd... coz Viz's one of e organisers so go and support her lor! plus it's cip! nv do cip for whole yr of 2005 so shall do it on last day of 2005 lor... =) get to see my darlings as well... xiaogui bin yanzhen deb and charms. Charms even came for a stayover! slept at 4am plus... 1st time sleeping at such a late hr. cooool.

at aunt's hse using comp. been using for hrs. miss comp too much. Kao called to sign up for internet (finally!) and we're getting a new xbox for FREE! damn cool we're both v excited. hahahha

dis hols is nice. went taiwan and malaysia. Kao went perth. I bought like 4 bags in taiwan, and Kao bought me one from perth! gonna use dat for sch. =) luv it!

cya HCI! cya HCI05S61 and jnrs in... a day's time! =)
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