Monday, November 21, 2005
the worst day i've ever had.

Firstly, I am aching everywhere. Secondly, I am having a very bad cramp. Thirdly, I have a flu. To make everything worse, I've dance exam duty today from 7.30am to 6.00pm and dance from 7.30pm to 9.30pm which u can see, dat I cant tahan and went home.

To make everything even worse, my dad actually did not even spit a word of concern when I actually half crawled onto the car coz I am being attacked by pain (yes even now but I am so angry now that it is impossible for me to stop ranting). He doesn't care at all. And I really mean it. He doesn't care at all. I was in extreme pain but trying to tolerate it all the same. I asked him to pause at a shop for me to buy medicine and he just stopped to let me do so w/o actually asking wad's wrong with me. Wow I felt so being cared for. How wonderful.

It's like the whole world abandoned u for dis particular day and for once I wanted to pray to god and hope for him to make everything better and let me discover the reason behind this wonderous attitude of his towards his daughter. And when I staggered up the stairs, he did not give any form of help. Nice of him to do so right? Giving me independence mah. So he's right. Even if I fainted halfway or tripped he shld just let me lie there and get discovered by passerbys instead. Wow. So I shall juz wait in vain. I love it so much. Hurray for such a dad.

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