Monday, November 07, 2005
went out with charms and her mum after dance ytd. Aunt brought us to Wisma to try out the new food court there... Smtg Republic I can't rem e name. It's v ex but e food is ok... not fantastic. Den we went Far East to walk walk. Charms has a really great mum... super on. She's really e first mum I came across who enjoys checking out e stores at orchard. Cool. =) Aunt bought me a pair of earrings which are super nice and long heh. Den Aunt brought us for ice cream at HD... 1st time I ate choc foundue (is this e right spelling?) v nice! I wld say dat chocolates make e world goes round. ^_^ Den we went to see e competition at taka dere... Put-ur-hands-on-e-car-and-see-how-long-u-can-last competition. Well I dun think I'll undergo dat torturing(not to mention tiring and boring) process for e prize... Personal opinion here.

Thanks Charms and Aunt for everything! =)

P.S thx Aunt for treating me! Dun worry I'll kp an eye on charms!
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