Wednesday, November 09, 2005


yay! last day of OP!

It started off with me feeling rather annoyed as the video was once again decided to be put back in place. And i needed to do my speech for OP immediately. But after that I was able to cool down thanks to my Qing. Well we were the first grp to present in front of two examiners and a group of 62 students whom we dun noe at all. Sad case. Ning Lu and Apple's group altogether in a classroom lar! Present to classmates is simple and not so scary. Anw still quite satisfied with my performance in speech. But once again the Q&A session struck me right in my face man. Asked me what has Clan Associaitons to do with Nation Building and I was like sheesh and my grp members were taken aback as heard from their gasps and whispers. I skipped dat qn anyhow. Really cmi.

After dat went to Yining's hse to bake cookies. Oh b4 dat we went Lot 1 to have lunch and buy ingredients for e cookies. Wanted to give up halfway coz we cant find a recipe. The wrapping of hershey's choc chips saved us as a recipe was imprinted. So we simply followed it and get e ingredients! choc chips all e way!

Apple so poor thing needa go off halfway. Missed her...

Den went Yining's hse. Thank goodness her mum was at home to aid us in the initial process of making e mixture and baking coz Yining doesnt know anything abt baking apparently. =S hahaha but hey I realised I still do retain some of the knowledge from my prev experience of baking despite having a leaky mind. I think according to e recipe and e fact dat we made a second round of cookies, we are supposed to have 120 cookies. But apparently we ate a lot during e process. =P heh

Ok let's see. From Yining's hse at Fajar back to my hse at Bedok, it took me a full 2 and a half hrs. Take note ppl. Left at seven thirty reached home at ten. Cool.

Great day. Bon Jovi.
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