Friday, October 21, 2005

hc open hse 2005- NONSTOP can u keep up?

today's hc open hse! reach dere at e usual time and help set up dance booth... kinda pleasantly simple admist other stalls =) we thought dat e cranes will be sorta like an attraction of more ppl to come to e booth and also added colours to our stall but well... the turn-up for dis yr's open hse is a little disappointing... haiz...

went for health check-up with north at ard 12pm... i think i'll nv find student health medical centre w/o him. sighz. no exact sense of direction. anyway i realised dat bringing along ic and health booklet is not neccessary at all coz they dun check anyways. u cld be anyone *shrugs*

i din noe ms e. tan is leaving. and im seriously very dejected when i heard abt dat. she's my fav. tchr and she's one of e reasons why i like chem. another reason is dat i've failed her terribly in my promo chem exam. failed totally... like flopped. one of my source of motivation to do very well next yr for chem is leaving. but still ms tan, dun worry. i'll give my best and yes, i'll do much much much better. ms tan, i really like u a lot... hope u dun have to leave... but i guess dat's all decided......

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