Monday, September 26, 2005

Post Promos Things-To-Do

hello dere... last post b4 promos... ok let's see... Once again a list of things dat I wanna do and gotta do...

~ play (duh!) play play play play play play play...
~ shop shop shop shop shop shop...
~ go out with everyone!
~ dance dance and dance
~ watch movies, performances, concerts...
~ chat! i miss chatting... i mean msn
~ write more poems >>>dis yr realli wrote quite a few only... =(
~ come up with fac dance with rachel =) yes we can do it!
~ prepare for taiwan immersion trip
~ make presents =)
~ write cards
~ watch HK serials (definitely... i got loads to catch up on)
~ go national lib (havent visited dere at all)
~ go zoo!!!! havent gone dere for ages! class outing?!?! =)
~ interact more with more ppl

basically dat's all lar... will add on. =)

Good Luck and Best Wishes for Promos everyone! I'm sure u ppl can do it! =) JIA YOU!!!!!!

*ouch... my toes hurt...*
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