Sunday, September 11, 2005


woah~ hc maf rocks! e spirit is so damn high! love it!

my 1st time experience of hc maf shld be ard 12 yrs ago... when my brother was back in HC. =) so interesting... 12 yrs ltr here i am, as a HC student. =)

dance is ok lar... juz dat a lot of 61 ppl kp on saying it's like a pri sch ppl dance... brother said dat he tot is raffles pri sch lar! =( sad case. haiz... suan le. oh i think i look quite =) in plaits! hehe but i dunno how to tie... awww... ooo! 1st day wear my roundish hoopish earrings!

ran ard HC after dance with 61. saw e fire lighting up e "gu xiang" words... very pretty! den e fountains... e prettiest shld be the lightings... 2 stars, one in e other, high up in e sky... very very pretty. all thx to mark yar? =) e lanterns up dere were v nice too! and i told brother dat e middle one is sure able to fit him nicely inside. =) tall and skinny! hahaha. pity e chi shu fa a bit... erm. yar.

heh drank coconut juice for e whole nite... juz dat only. =) satisfied! hehehe so many many many ppl came for maf celeb! really very nice! i got my very own brother, my dearest Kao, to promise dat he'll come next yr. =) if he breaks his promise den, i shall show him dis entry.

HC songs... heh dunno how sing but nvm anyhow can lar. =) still can make it. den danced mass dance with puppy junyi. hahaha i dunno how to dance at all lar honestly.

oh ya! thx a lot to e councillors for their hard work! =)

took a lot of photos as well as videos! =)

happy happy~

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