Sunday, August 07, 2005


morn: dance. basically we slacked quite a lot. not much to practise in e 1st place lar... we played with some of e costumes in e cupboard... hehe kinda fun. gals juz like to ban4 mei3 mei3~

afternoon: after dance went coro to eat with gjy, aijia and rach. den went back to sch meet up with ning... den went lep room supposedly do duty but ended up slacking and toking coz there are too many ppl but too few jobs. oh yar we did smtg... carried e extremely heavy drink containers all e way up to 3rd lvl. sweat like hell. after dat e lep 15th anniversary started... and 61 realised that we're e most loyal and obedient class. other classes aside from those in lep exco did not turn up or had minimal attendance. 61 has ning, apple, rong, yuqing, kailin, chengxi, brother, hoe and me. ended v fast lar... den we had tea. after dat went to e class benches dere to rot. i mean for me onli lar coz others were busy mugging. hehe~ den we sat dere all e way from 4 to 6 plus. wonder how I manage to do dat. woah muz be coz im too experienced in slacking.

night: went for a free dinner at yio chu kang dere... it's some celeb for zhong yuan jie... and e MP dere invited north who invited us. ah~ hahaha 10 ppl. quite fun lar... e food is quite nice as well... yuqing very gentleman... kp on serving us. and dere r erm let's see 4 guys at e table. yar. but yuqing turned out to be e most gentlemanly one. strange eh?

late night: on e way to mrt station. north and yuqing started skipping again. dis thing is funny man. coz e day b4 yuqing wanted to kick north. den he said dat he'll have to lift up his right if she was to kick his right. so dey ended up skipping... at e exact same rhythm. plus they're all carrying backpacks so dey put their hands on their backpacks to minimise e momentum. damn funny lar~ den after dat I asked yuqing to do e same thing to chengxi. den he was so funny lar he skipped as well but he skipped like moving his legs sideways not like norm skipping. and he was off-beat. damn funny. waaah really cmi. chengxi leh! ohmigosh it's super unexpected once again. hahaha

ard midnight: took e last train home. bypass orchard station and dere was a gangfight dere. damn scary. e metal barricades clashed and dere were lots of noises. ppl dashing into e train for safety. and some of e ppl involved in e fight blocked e doors to let their friends in. oso dunno why so qiao3 it's e section of train dat i was in. shivers shivers. delayed a few min at e station. after e train started, dis guy with a bleeding eye walked past with his friend behind. scary. zhe nian tou, ren si hu bi gui hai yao ke pa.
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