Saturday, July 02, 2005

syf opening ceremony 2005

ok let's... let's juz forget abt maths and lep paper 2 lar...

NYGH CHINESE DANCE ROCKS E WORLD!!! Ok even if it's not e world, it rocks e entire opening ceremony. The atmosphere was great, lightings were superb, music was fantastic, dance moves and formation were almost flawless. Kerx and I were like OMG OMG OMG we were so gan3 dong4 dat time... We wanted to cry. We miss those days so so so so much...

Throughout e whole thing lar, kerx and I were like juz kept toking and commenting abt e perf... Hahaha some of e items apparently din impress us. But well most of e standard really vvv good. Overall, thumbs up!

Oh yar saw PK and his MJ fellow council mates... so funny he was standing at e entrance dere and sposedly "welcome" e audience... shocked to see him man... and suddenly realised once again, how tall he is...

Oh yar thx my darling shiyan for accompanying me! =) love cup noodles!
lalalalalalalala high high high~
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