Sunday, July 24, 2005

SA dance nite

SA dance nite was ytd and overall I feel dat they're quite good. The only chinese dance which is choreographed by Amelia and her other friend was great... It's one of my fav dances honestly. Chinese dance is really kinda hard to choreograph but she managed to do a great job. Jia you Amelia! =)

Met charms, pam, nat and her bf, jill, shiyan, shuying, keke, chienwei, LLL... yar... haiz miss nygh... I wanna go back nycd!

Apple so cute lar... As usual. Hahaha she ate apple taRt ytd and gave me some. It's damn sweet. Like her. Oops erm let's get to e main pt... Ytd Apple's house was filled with roaches (YUCKS) due to some fogging carried out in e rubbish chutes I guess... According to her, there were 51 roaches in some comp. room in e kitchen, 5 in one room and 7 in another. And she used Baygon to kill them all (hmmm proves dat baygon is quite good an insecticide eh?). I was wondering wad I'll do if I were in her shoes. Yucks. Roaches. She even wanted to report dis to e SPH coz it's such a qi2 guan1. ~diao~
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