Tuesday, July 26, 2005
pissed. super pissed.

dun feel like doing anything.

too pissed to.

get off... juz get off. whoever so audacious will juz get it from me.

really has to figure a way out.


let's see how days can get worse. Scolded e day b4. Keeps on thinking dat I'm dou4 qi4-ing with her and obviously failed to realise dat I can't even be bothered abt it. I won't waste time on u dou4 qi4-ing coz no matter how right I noe I am, I'm wrong. Wasted time in sch, only good thing abt it is dat I get to interact with my classmates cum friends. Scolded again coz I ate in school juz coz I'm famished and had to eat again. Why thank goodness dat it was porridge. GP is bothering me. Hmwk is bothering me. Having to go out ltr juz for a memory card and unable to have more sleep is bothering me.

JUST... leave me alone for today manz
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