Thursday, July 07, 2005

K box

went k box with ning, lu, rong, baibai and yq ytd. WAH totally xia4 dao4! Ning wore pink n white sleeveless top and pink skirt which is kinda short and a little like e ballet tutu liddat v cute. She looks great lar. Really. Den yq wore a skirt (knee length) and a black tank top. WOW! I totally xia4 dao4!!! We wanted her to cut and trim her skirt lor! Hahaha! =)

went to room 88 and 89... Right? yar we were in room 88 den we kp on walking here and there lar. The lunch is... erm... ok lar. Not as good as last time. But well wad we're more concerned with are e songs right? Shuang! =)

den went ps to wait for apple. After dat went shop ard... Yq wanted to buy a skirt but cannot find a suitable one... but nvm I'm glad dat she enjoyed e day with us! =)

went Rui Ping Uncle's hawker centre to eat... Yummy. =)

Hmmm... Dat's all folks ba... Oh yar good luck to Lu on getting her visa...
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