Saturday, July 30, 2005

HC arts fest

ytd was hc arts fest... e best of syf. and yups we've to do our mongolian dance again.
was sick ytd... Flu. and I din dance for rehearsals etc lest I've no strength for e final performance. Indeed, my stamina was not as good and I nearly ran out of strenght halfway through e dance but I kp trying to maintain till e end. So tired after dat. But I'm glad we all came through.

J2s... Thx for everything.

J1s... Let's strive hard for MAF. =)

Thx xuet and yuqing for coming down to watch our perf. hehe so unexpected... thx for e sweet note and e rose... really got me better from my flu. Thx lulu rong and baibai for their concern! =) and lulu and baibai did quite a good job for pa! cheerios!

*shi bu shi yi ding yao wo zhu dong, ni cai hui ji yu fan ying?*
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