Sunday, July 10, 2005

Fantastic 4

Ah~ dance perf... or i guess u'd rather call it a dance display, in e morning and afternoon... twice. Tiring but well we've stretched more den we did during june hols which is good. =)

Went shop with Steph and Charms after dat... Den I was spose to meet up with my Kao at Lido to watch Fantastic 4... Den dey went with me. Coz Charms is mad and wanted to call him "uncle" and communicate with him in chinese. (coz juz ytd he was commenting dat she will definitely die in LEP... diao~) In e end she juz said "zai jian uncle"... Ok lar well she spoke chinese. Hahaha bleah.

Fantastic 4 is good... Go watch it! =)
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