Monday, July 04, 2005

3 days out~ SHUANG

~ Went walk walk ard orchard with Kao after dance and him after singing lesson... Wanted to watch movie but apparently hmmm... nothing much to watch. So we went walk ard e place and ended up at taka to settle our dinner. Let's see... We ate takopachi, tori-Q, some extremely salty and msg loaded mee with cheese n egg which costs 3.50 (like huh!?), nuggets (yummy!) from Mosburger and hazelnut ice cream from venezuela. Our destination was kino... Stayed till like 10 plus... Den we decided to go and watch initial d! yay! Hopped on a taxi to get to TM and got e 11.45pm tix. Before dat we wanted to play "house of e dead" but den too many ppl q-ing for dat... no choice we played e spot-e-diff in photos thingy... Quite fun as well. We died at stupid things lar... Can't even spot e most obvious diff... Lousy us! hahaha... Den we went watch movie with our usual nachos with extra cheese. hehe. Initial D not bad lar... Juz dat Jay Chou really... Erm... let's say he's exactly like e initial d manga character. =p AND Edison Chen is sooooo shuai!
Reached home at erm... 2.30am?

~ After dance went to have steamboat with p sch mates!!! yay! But I was damn tired dat day lar... And I prefer e previous place we went... Hehehe but well equally fun lar! Live prawns torture again~ But dis time no crab... Booo! And I'm e onli gal who's not-so-scared again! hehehe... But dat day I was super blur lar... Super super blur. Tired lar... So long nv dance liao. Seating arrangement (going clockwise)= me, pk, gy, (at e other side of e table) han, yh, phil, alex
Phil was super nonsense dat day I think he's tooooo tired lar! Really super nonsense lor made us laugh like mad. Den he suggested dis stupid game of 3,6,9 and I HATE dat game coz I was so not concentrating and kp on getting punished!!!! =( But heh I din touch e food! boo~ After dat we went to e sea dere and sat for a while... talk crap and enjoy e breeze (was dere any? hehe) den PK told us a tchs ghost story. Yar it's true... Right? gy and alex? *winks* Phil oso v funny... After e crapping he was so tired and became so quiet. hahaha. PK oso crapped loads lar. Wad 3 men stories... bleah! SO SHUANG! I've nv gone out until so shuang b4. Oh yar gy next time we shall train u speak chi again k? hehe

~ hehehe went out with darling Xiaoyou today. =) watched war of e worlds... And pk is right... it has such a dumbo ending. u call dat an ending?! really lar... After dat we saw Jialing. It was such a pleasant surprise to see her! She was in e same cinema with us all e while! Hahaha den she saw me immediately complained to me abt e movie hahaha so cute lor! Den we realised smtg weird... We kp on seeing ex nygh ppl today. Hmmm... hahaha Den she's vvvv sweet to accompany me for e whole journey... from orchard to bedok. We were squeezed like sardines lar. Hahaha. Luv my Xiaoyou~ =)
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