Saturday, July 16, 2005


Miss u ppl. Miss NYGH.

Still rem wad I wrote e 2nd last day of sch in nygh? I have it kept in a precious box of mine...

I still rem crying in front of yiyou and enghui on e last day we did math together in e classroom after school... they were really intimidated... Esp yiyou... She even asked me to save it for e last day. Stupid gal. Enghui more wen1 rou2 den u lor.

Pampam... It's impossible to forget ur crazy smile and laughter. Dat oreo-covered toothy smiley. And e interview abt steph...

Steph's dieting for every recess... How can I ever forget dat? But she changed quite a bit liao if i'm not wrong... muz be coz of erh herm right? =)

Ah leng lying on my lap... trying to sleep during chinese lesson... and of course discovered by wu lao shi lar... hahaha thx for ur earrings... I really love them loads

Sai Bin's crazy madness laughter... And constantly frowning fakely and use dat fakely angry tone to ask me stop calling her sai bin... when she actually really loves dis nick... heh

Yanzhen's wushu skills... Her constant "ni bu yao kao wo tai jing"... hahaha

Vanny Oh's craziness over naruto and other manga... our aspiration of setting up a manga blog...

Sherm's pigginess... Her ability to finish everything she ordered and even helped yiyou to finish hers... really shocked me at dat time. See? size doesn't mean anything

Ngoh... my bickering partner... forever trying to bicker with me... hahaha

Char Kwa... debris? hehe i wonder if u still were liddat now... =p

Zanne's cheerful laughter... tap dance...

Charms charming ways of nv fails to console me when i'm sad/disappointed etc...

NYGH dance studio.

Pls take good care of it. It's probably e best dance studio on Earth... Or at least, e best in my heart always. It contains our sweat our tears our hardwork our failures our injuries...
Pls take best care of CLL. She's dere with e dance studio to witness our growth...
Jnrs... Do ur best tonight although ur snr is not dere to witness it... Coz smtg pops up all of a sudden.
Suwan... Heard all abt it. Pls take care of urself and wait till u're FULLY RECOVERED b4 u dance again ok?

Jia you.

~missing ny~
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