Wednesday, June 08, 2005

TPS camp

yay! went back to TPS yesterday and I felt so happy. Juz like bursting with happiness. Got to see my TPS gang plus other p sch mates (daph, naz, shiting, edwin) as well as e little kids bursting with energy at e camp. Heard from gy dat e kids are terrible man... And yonghui showed me a very scary gal... Hahaha we noe e name let's not mention it. Attention seeker gal!

oh yar phil taught us a new card game "48" hahaha quite fun lar... =) e way he and gy teased e little sec one boy by e name of johan. Den dey taught me bridge and daidee but well im still super blur... Clearer for bridge though. After watching e kids' talent-time which was super amusing coz of e little malay boy, p3, by e name of Daniel... He danced like he gui3 shang4 shen1 so funny! And pk was of course e most amused one lar kp on getting e boy to do funny stuff. After dat we went to walk ard e school... It was really great to do dat with ur bunch of close frens... it's like we're back to those times again.

E bat which used to hang ard outside our classroom was long gone... Gosh i do miss it man... hahaha... Anw we went into our ex-classroom, 6.1, and try to find our seating arrangements. End up v funny coz they've changed e arrangement of desks and chairs so end up my seat is right in e middle. Juz e only desk right in e middle and we're thinking dat it's for e naughtiest pupil. But of course dat naughtiest pupil cant be me right? I'm so guai... well at least, used to be. =P Okok dis is my like 3rd time typing dis part coz I've no idea why blogspot doesnt like dis funny part which I typed and kept deleting it... Better be careful now. Erm oh yar we re-enacted e funny stuff which happened last time! Like Ms Siti (now Mdm Aisha) scolding PK for toking to SH while he was juz trying to tie his shoe laces (so he claimed... =P), Ms Tinnie Tan throwing Man Chun Tat's ex book from 4th lvl classroom all e way down into e 1st lvl ecopond and him smiling and said "neber mind, neber mind." Dat is in fact smtg dat none of us will be able to forget coz it was so funny. And after dat is recess and he went ecopond to fish out his ex book (hahahaha). Plus Mr Teo's daily scolding of si3 jia1 huo3 of e guys in our class... Right a not? hahaha no one can forget abt dat... It was so funny dat I cant help but laugh till tears drop thruout e whole thing... bleah!

Den went back to e music room (mozart) and play cards again. Den e malay gals dere v cute... dey play very interesting malay songs (seriously no offence coz we dunno how to appreciate at all) and pk juz suddenly say e pledge and pointed to e radio (meaning dat we dun understand... equality! hahaha) den after dat dere's dis song which sounded much like "teh tarik" and pk gy and phil began doing actions of making teh tarik... wah kao these guys are damn funny man! den we were thinking a mtv for dis song on channel 20 den pk was like "oh ok i was making teh tarik and singing e song while alex came along and said "kopi-o pls"... waaaaaaah i love being with these ppl man... laugh until really cmi. So sad dat phil and i cant stay on for more fun... sighz...

Love tps... Love u ppl =)

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