Wednesday, June 15, 2005

p sch frens dream

dis is super weird... and funny. =)

Dreamt of p sch frens ytd... Featuring yonghui, gy and pk mainly... coz I cant rem others' faces... but if im not wrong phileo was dere too. Very very funny... It's like everyone's doing stretching (huh?!) and warm ups coz we're all gg for a dance competition after dat. We're in a team, mind you. Den v weird when it's our turn on stage, I realised dat all others are wearing a blue polo tee while I'm wearing a black sleeveless shirt which is like super out. Den I realised all their movements have changed and are totally different from wad we did during rehearsals. So i anyhow did e movements on stage lar. Den suddenly dis woman (dunno who lar) came on stage and called me out, intending to scold me I think. den I dunno wad happened lar suddenly ask wad vcds I have... Den I saw daphne by her side... Apparently her assistant mabbe... Den... Blur liao think i woke up and wondered why i have dis weirdo dream...

But it's fun! =) And once again im reminded of my p sch friends... missing them again~
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