Sunday, June 26, 2005

Greed Mask and To get unstuck in time

Great HK serials recommended by me! =)

The plot is written by e same group of wonderful creative scriptwriters. Starring Guo Jing An (so cute!) as e male lead for both shows. Greed Mask is currently on scv channel 48, 7pm every nite from monday to friday. We only watched e 1st episode on tv and rent dvds for e rest of it coz it's too exciting! To get unstuck in time was discovered by my Kao. It's a v good show which I juz finished watching ytd.

Greed Mask talks abt the internal struggles of 3 "brothers" which magnified and affected their families and needless to say, their descendants. Complicated family backgrounds and relationships, the dark side of people and inevitable evil plots for money cum power. Uncovering the veils and discovering the truth within. 3 main stories which are linked rather flawlessly and of course featuring few other small stories, all related to e families. Which is why e title of which is "Mi2 Qing2 Jia1 Zu2"

To get unstuck in time mabbe a bit smiliar to serials like Tru Calling featuring someone from e past calling someone in e current century. Guo Jing An found his dad's phone in a box and realised dat it works. As he pressed e button, he was shocked to hear his dad's voice over it (his dad is supposed to be dead now). Little did he realised dat dis phone enables him to communicate with his father, who exist twenty yrs ago. Interesting plot, many stories. Nice link btw e crimes of present and past... E phone's ability enables Guo Jing An to resolve many sposedly unsolvable crimes (coz of e lack of evidence), resolve misunderstandings... but it also brings abt troubles and problems when he abuses the power of changing e past. Real nice twist and u'll feel dat u're watching 2 different shows. "Ge2 Shi4 Zhui1 Xiong1"

Overall, I love HK serials. Their acting skills are much much much better den e locals... in fact, shld I say incomparable? Sry if it offends anyone but it's true. Of course it's not totally true but it's true to a vvvvv large extent.

Well... The week is starting. *shivers* I wanna pass!!!

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