Thursday, June 16, 2005

ex-des ppl

ytd was a small gathering... and I mean a really small but satiable one.

went out for dinner with ex des ppl... Met up with ah yee and walked from City Hall to Suntec City... Before setting off saw Jeslyn and Wei Quan etc... bet they're from e same LEP camp grp. Hahaha... Erm yar waah ah yee looked so damn mature compared to me...

After dat met up with Yehao Kao... Den walked ard and poof! I saw my cuz... Hope u're doing fine, cuz! I noe u're 54kg and u seemed to be proud of it guy! U're mad! EAT MORE!!! Den we walked ard e fountain of wealth and decided on pastamania... Yucks. Bad impression. "Concocted" a soup for Dustee Kao to drink one but went toliet and came back to see dat everything was taken away by e waiter... =( Saddening. E soup was made up of corn soup, minestrone, a generous toss of salt, lots of cheese, plenty of dried chilli and pepper and drops of tobaco sauce... Sounds good right? =P Dustee Kao is damn lucky man... Coz after dat we went Swensen's for ice cream and he doesnt have to devour e soup. boooooooooo

We chatted and basically did nothing but catch up on each others' life for hours... Yehao Kao left earlier at ard 8 plus... We stayed on till 10 plus b4 walking back to City Hall. Dustee Kao is damn lame... Well I alr noe he's lame but ah yee doesnt and somemore last time she has nv spoken with him b4 so she discovered dat he's ultra lame. Well he is =D and he's abnormal... Coz he's from TCHS!!! bah~

AND I MUST COMPLAIN!!! Dustee Kao damn mean... he said dat I'm v boyish+childish! Hey I learn dat from my darling xiaoyou k? and anw I can change if I want one lor! boo... He and Ah yee like in cahoot lar... Kp on attacking me! =( Say wad e way I smile (v childish), e way I talk (crude and un-girlish basically), e way I walk (super boy), e way I carry my bag (super heck care style of carry-and-go) and aiyo I think wad I wear too. I dun care! Booooooo! hehe

Hope u dun mind abt e sticker stuck behind ur back, Dustee Kao! I noe u like it! ;)

basically.... =)

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