Monday, May 09, 2005

Scary sia...

hahaha smtg interesting happened yesterday to me and my gerfren... I mean charms, who is my gerfren. Anw hahaha we juz finished our dance lesson and as usual, we lingered for a while to chat etc b4 leaving. Den b4 we left we heard consistent knocking-on-e-door sound from e classroom opposite ours and we were both stunned and stared hard at each other. We shouted and asked if anyone's in dere and no one replied but e knocking sound persist... We were terrified and wanted to call our dance tchr but apparently we dun have her no... So in e end we went up to check e room again... The knocking sound still persist. It's super constant, like happened every 6 counts. Still, we want to ensure dat no one is trapped inside (we're so super nice) so we went down again to inform e security and he told us dat e cleaners have already lodge complaints abt it coz they were mortified by e knocking sound as well. It was caused by some technical problems which caused smtg to knock against e wall. Anw can u imagine? u were cleaning innocently at nite... and suddenly u heard smtg knocking e door... u wun care if it's constant or not, u'll juz be scared out of ur wits coz dere's spose to be no one here... Oooo... really lar
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