Saturday, May 28, 2005

Handover cum Farewell

Handover today... Got my role of dance I/C... Expected dat hehe. =) Din wanna run for pres/v-pres... 1stly I'm too lazy, 2ndly I'm not sure if I can do it well...

Presenting to u, HC Chinese Dance Exco 2005-2006
- Pres: Yan Ling
- V-Pres: Christine
- Secretary cum Treasurer: Wan Ling
- Dance I/Cs: GJY and I
- QM: Shiyan aka Rhino and Lemon

Farewell went on well at cafe cartel in PS... The food dere was quite nice and kinda worth it lar. =) Wanted to eat red ruby with Yan Ling but we felt sleepy so went home instead... 5 plus.

Haiz... I'll miss e seniors... Very much.
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