Friday, May 27, 2005


whoosh~ so fast 3 days over le...

1st and 2nd day... went archery with others. Very fun! Although i got bruises on my arm but like so wad? it's super fun! I managed to shot quite well after all! Thought I'll miss everything... Anw it's kinda slacko lar... hahaha oh yar! 1 of e instructors was quite shuai and he's spotted by lulu... *clap clap clap* He v funny lar heard us calling PC pig den he oso started calling him dat. Den e next day he came eye to eye with PC den he started putting his finger to his nose and pushed it up to form a piggy nose! So damn funny... And wah qinghua is now known as e XXX man coz he managed to shoot 3 consecutive times right in e middle.... Scoring 30 pts. And he earned all 61 ppl ice creams from one of e poly guy who's quite a pro player. Oh ya dey saw Aaron with his frens playing basketball at potong pasir cc! Haiz pity I went home liao otherwise I could have stayed and laughed at Aaron for being a cheerleader... Waah~ archery is so fun! I'm tempted man... Wanna join after JC!!! =)

den 3rd day... Which is today... paintball. Waah lao quite sad case lar... We're only entitled to play 2 pathetic games... So we played as a team of 5 to 5. Our team is e gals team consisting of yining, chengying, xuet, rong and me... Guys team consists of chengxi, junyi, hongji, qinghua and shaofei. No one lost and no one won. It's very fun! Shld have lasted longer... Ended so damn quickly lar! Haiz... kinda disappointed. CY and i kept on shooting CX during e game... hahaha it was really fun man. After dat went northpoint hawker centre dere to eat... Den went MRT station where dey had a debate on who's house to go to. In e end CY and I ended up gg to J8... where we took a neoprint dere. =) yay! she's so cute lar. Oh yar saw Steph and Anyi... surprised dat Anyi still rem me. Hahaha hmm...

Tml farewell party cum handover ceremony... wah.
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