Sunday, May 22, 2005

dream reloaded

suddenly i rem my dream... Had it a few days ago i believe...
featuring a few other teens whom i dunno and myself... Very interesting. I was exploring a totally new shopping centre which, strangely, at the end of e dream I see, dat there is a mrt train cum tunnel underneath e shopping centre. Ok put dat aside, den I rem reaching e highest level via escalator. Den I enter a pub... dat's when I saw the other teens (cant rem their faces...) After dat we were running, away from e adults in pub i guess... den we went down a tunnel. And whoose. It was super dark. We were in a cinema watching movie... e movie? i totally forgot abt it... But i rem we were having a movie marathon. Even went out to buy popcorn etc. Den each time we watch movies at different cinmeas (not weird lar) and we've to go thru a tunnel. After all dat we saw ourselves trapped inside a shop selling flowers. "trapped" as the shop, or rather e entire shopping centre is close. Den miriculously I got us out of e sticky situation (magic???) Staring at my watch, it was 12.50am and I took a taxi home, wondering if mum will kill me. (if dis is real, my mum WILL kill me) Weirdified~ after dat I was waiting for e train (e one under e shopping centre) and I went on a very long journey... to where, god knows!

*Smtg very very weird... Really. While I was typing dis entry, e scenes in my dream appear so clearly in my mind. If dere was e existence of such a pub/shopping centre/cinmeas/train station built like dis... I believe at e sight of it I'll have deja vu... again*
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