Friday, May 20, 2005

bball match!

woo-hoo! bball match today! released at 12.40pm so dat the entire J1s can go support HCI team! Gals team against VJC and Guys team against TJC... Din noe Charl. Kwa is competing as well! Go HCI! woo-hoo! it's so damn fun and exciting... esp for e guys' match coz their scores are so damn close lar! Haiz pity they lost... but they're good and can't be denied. =) jia you! And the gals team was obviously great man! I admire no. 10 and 13 particularly... They're super good and 7 got MVP! (thx for correcting my error!) Cheerios for HCI!

Cheering is so damn fun and nice... Cheering with friends and a whole bunch of HCI students make me feel so patriotic and... I can feel e school spirit steaming! hahaha weird descriptive term but nvm... HCI ROCKS!!!!

*ooo i rem my dream... yesterday's night. erm... i tot i saw myKao with his new gf... quite chio le... izzit premonition ah? dunno lar... den I rem dis circular fountain at a condo... den my parents and i saw a guy in tchs shorts who's currently tchs sec 4, juz came from china, and he's like 24 yrs old? so weird... hahaha*
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