Thursday, May 19, 2005


hahaha we were comparing EZ photos today after e LEP test... Quite fun and interesting! Junyi looks e same... Nv change much... So super cute lar! Brother changed so much dat I cant recognize it's him in e EZ link card... He was so chubby last time lar! Wonder how he becomes so lean and lanky now... Weehoe's looks like he was beaten up by some gangsters lar... Hahaha den Kailing looks so philipino-maidish and auntish in hers... Guolu looks like a mushroom (i think a lot of NYGH ppl also liddat... esp with short hair! dat mushroom head!)... Chenying is rounder now... And cuter... Yining looks like Aileen in her EZ link... And definitely much more mature den she is now... noRth's one is damn funny coz he looks exactly like his Fang Tao Horse... And his face is so damn big lar. Chengxi's one quite cute... Was looking at e side when he took dat photo... Qinghua apparently looks exactly e same lar... Enqi used to look so dark... Seems darker den me! Omigosh why is she fairer den me now?! Hmph!

haiz. once again i've failed. but once again i shall pick myself up... and continue
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