Wednesday, April 13, 2005

SYF 2005

Chinese dance syf 2005 had come to an end!

It's my 2nd and last syf ever... And we've ended it with a great bang! We really broke HC's history record. All e yrs it's gold gold and gold and now... it's GOLD WITH HONOURS!!! Hurray for HC! We rock women! =) Oh OH! And NY got gold with honours too! dat super expected so I wasn't surprised at all... but HC got it? WHOOSH! I nv expected dat... Thought e best we can do is gold. Anw I was sure we can get gold but gold with honours?! YES! Omg... Very very very happy... I was telling gjy dat I'll sing "there can be miracles..." if we get gold with honours and YES! WE DID IT!!!!

Anw before e results were released... There was a talk... Abt how they judge dances etc etc... Damn boring lar everyone wants e results only mah... I was sleeping while sucking a lollipop (strawberry!) bleah hehe... Nonono saliva nv drop! hehe...

Oh anw very funny... I lied to my darling xiaoyou and brother kangyu... Both trying to an1 wei4 me hahahaha... esp brother damn funny lar u. Actually right at e beginning I din say whether we got gold with honours a not... in fact i din even tell u e results lar. den u think im sad.... gotcha! And yining and chengying were damn kawaii also... Asked abt syf results in e morning and I gave them a super sad and disappointed look and they believe! After dat took revenge and sat beside to tickle me! hmph! It's juz a test to see how concerned u ppl are towards me... ah~ I'm very super touch-ed! I'm serious! ^_^


Erh herm... Ok after e excitement omg... Went for e LEP scholarship interview. Sad case lar wah lao. Weizheng said I committed suicide and yar lar... kinda agree with him but I dun really care lar. Get den get, dun get den dun get lor. Yup dat's me! Hahaha went with noRth and came back with junyi and michelle from 05s73... she so cute she was like lost her balance while she's sleeping hahahaha....

After dat went NJ to eat with rongrong, yining, chengying and weizheng. Den gate closed... So we decided to go grab ice cream b4 dat. Walked damn far though but ice cream not bad lar... Hahaha den went NJ and saw my beloved Vanny Oh and Sai Bin... Omg I miss them a lot... I wanna go out with u ppl! BOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Oh and I saw taRt too! Hahaha taRt~ egg tart. And my darling Vanny gave me a sweet gaara hang-on-e-phone thingy and I love it! GAARA ROCKS! And Vanny I got e 30th comic liao... hehe Gaara look damn cute and shuai when he grew up! And taRt noes Vanny! =)

E talk basically... is... not interesting not funny. Anw saw Alex and asked if he needs a ride home and yar of course he wants lar... otherwise take 1hr 30min bus ride home meh? Bleah oh and intro-ded him to my darling classmates cum friends! I guess he can only rem taRt's name... And funny thing is he distorted kangyu's name to kangjun... Bleah

Hmmm... Steamboat for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waah~
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