Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Human Rights

I question e definition of human rights.

Does it mean dat simply becoz we're more intellectual den other animals, we've more rights den them? meaning we can kill we can eat we can use them?

Juz read a short story called "babycakes" and e questions and thoughts juz flooded my mind... E story said dat if one day animals were gone, wad will e humans use to replace dem? wad abt babies? since dey're not intellectual, dependent, unable to think of even e most basic issues, do not talk, can we use dem to replace animals? in e story, yes. So dey ate babies, flay their skins and made into clothes, experiment on dem. wad if one day dey disappear, again?

Question abt wad human beings can do? lots.

Simply because we think dat we're superior, dat other den things we took from nature which are neccessary in life, we took other things... For example, testing make-up. Do we really need make-up? How many animals died becoz we've tried it on dem?

Definition of rights.
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