Friday, April 08, 2005

e day

pw grouping out today! we were really so damn it nervous... those of us who went to see e results. we were like jumping ard, doing warm-up ex and talking non-stop (ref to junyi's blog entry). super funny i think Dr Ross feels dat we're damn weirdo buncha ppl. well grping is by register number... (really, my dream grp!!!! )

grp members...
~wangrong aka rongrong(woah we're e sidetracking ppl!)
~yuqing (my pro daughter who'll motivate me!)
~me aka yingers
~hongji aka north (e crappy and 'cold' guy)
~xiuming aka assuming/consuming (also another crappy lame crazy guy)

To sum up, 4 of us are all rather crappy lar... Except my darling daughter. But it's ok hope we wun make matters difficult for her... =)

OOOOOOOOO we went back to nygh today to see our jnrs' syf dance! and when i saw their dance i was juz like mouth agape and... i've nothing to say at all except dat i'm so super touch-ed. really damn touch-ed. i can feel u noe... goosebumps... u'll feel it when u feel very excited exhilarated. dat's a feeling which cant be descri
bed. i really luv and miss nygh dance. they're so super good.

plus plus plus i saw many dancers back to e place where we used to 'suffer' for 4 yrs! ARGH!!!!!!!! We've keke, nat, ame, jx, pam, charms ('gerfren'), sy, cher, gjy, sheryl (saw her when she exited nj!!! darling~), jill and juli... dat's abt dat ba... it's nice to be back.

but it feels different... already. coz we dun truly belong anymore.


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