Sunday, April 10, 2005

ballet under e stars

ok so morning went sao3 mu4 with family... after dat went sph to do huixun with others... it's been a long long long time since I last went for a huixun meeting. Hahahah 7 to 1... di was e only guy so poor thing. And I din noe he was sad in RJ lar... Felt quite sad for him when he said dat he wishes he's in HC... =(

after dat went home to eat... den headed straight for nafa for dance... after dance went fort canning hill for ballet under e stars with my felllow J1 dancers! surprisingly i din get stung by any mosquitoes! yay! =) quite fun... e entire thingy. The picnic was great... chicken, spaghetti, salad, fishballs, nuggets, chips, roller coasters (thx darling shiyan for bringing it for me! luv ya!), drinks, grapes, pastries etc etc etc. Super nice spread of food~ yummy. wad's better den spending e nite with a grp of wonderful frens watching elegant ballet under e twinkling stars while eating and drinking and exchanging comments? =)

anw smtg really terribly embarrassing happened today and NO i shan't elaborate anymore. it's a terrible experience. bah.

BOO!!! I miss mayday's perf!!!!!!!!!!

good nitez ppl!
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