Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool

pls... pls tell me dat dis is all simply an April Fool's joke... pls tell me dat it's e worst April Fool's joke ever...

The 05S61 spirit... The unity... The friendliness... The used-to-be warm atmosphere... dissolved into thin air today during e class outing at J8... We can't seem to get e 2nd intakers to join in e fun...

1st intakers or 2nd intakers issue sux... We're all HCI students now who cares whether we're 1st or 2nd intakers?

Ppl like taRt etc... there seem to be dis... Unspeakable... Ah I dunno... They seem to be unhappy... And dat makes me sad too... The fact dat they cant stay with us. An uneasiness and tension was hanging in e air... And I hate it. I'm serious when I said aloud dat I hate it. I really dun like it. It's so different from last time and I've no idea why.

Plus I seriously think we shld talk more abt ourselves instead of theory of radar system.

In conclusion, juz a few words.

We will not give up re-bonding 05S61
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