Thursday, March 10, 2005


heard dat they're abolishing the PEARLS system... isn't dat wonderous? simply cool man!
hmmm... still wondering whether or not to join badminton recre... cos it seems dat dere's no need for it. im gg with my friends cum classmates every thurs to play (illegally...) but BLEAH! nvm mah... Hehe oh yar my dad told me dat the AHS badminton coach whose daughter used to be in e same dance school as I was in once commented dat I'm suitable to play badminton! wad the length of legs and arms very good... haiz muz be coz im big size enough bleah. Anw, badminton rocks!

Oh yar! Dustee Kao called me on my hp yesterday and we chatted for 45 min I so hope dat my phone bills wun kill me (or rather, kill me dad? bleah!) I'm glad dat he still rem a mei4 mei4 like me! =) And plus I'm officially his jnr! Since he used to study in HC as well!

my msn dieded... it juz wun work for me. e inability to chat makes me feel dat coming online is useless... im sad. really =(

*taRt aka Eskimo u dun have to niao3 me lor... niao3 someone enough le. U steady sia~*
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