Saturday, March 05, 2005

WU2 ti2

consider wad she and he and she are thinking/wondering abt ur actions. And wad at least juz she and he are thinking/wondering abt ur actions. Think twice b4 u act, esp when u noe how they're like ("they" refer to e previous grp) U can't juz do anything w/o sparing a thought for others, can u? of course den e privacy issue will be mentioned... but at the same time e consideration-4-others issue will be mentioned as well.

someone who consistently reads my blog but never ever tags and who will tell him abt my blog...

feel free to.

But I must state my point. I'm not reprimanding because I dun have e power to. I'm not stopping him from doing dat because I dun have e power to. I'm totally neutral. Juz dat dis thought suddenly appeared and I can't help but recorded it down. And dis can get totally confusing but dat's wad I want to achieve.

thank you.

*a zookeeper owned a cow. e cow begs the zookeeper to set it free, so the zookeeper did so. e cow was den again caught by a farmer but was later on set free again. after dat e cow wandered abt e place, at a loss of wad to do. den the cow met a witch who turned it into a fox. e fox was ltr on adopted by a princess.*

-the end-
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