Tuesday, March 15, 2005


dance started at like 8 in e morning and e lao shi ended at 1.30 in e afternoon?
i nearly dieded lar... Shldn't say "i"... shld say everyone!

shiyan darling was so sleepy... GJY was behaving like a human who has not undergone complete evolution into a proper human... I was slacking ard and officially being termed as a slacker. Thought I was one long ago... =S

weird. I used to smile a lot and laugh a tonne in NYDS... and when I'm tired, it's only after we've train for like one whole day and still I can take e weariness light-heartedly...

Well really... it's different here I guess... Not so much e ppl, but... yar

I juz can't make myself smile today... even when e lao shi specially requested for us to do so. I juz can't bring myself to smile fakely... I want to smile coz I enjoy e dance, I enjoy e music, I enjoy e attention... But well, I'm juz so not in e mood...

sun, mon, tue and wed... All dance. I'm tired... At least give me a little break, pls? sighz... Nvm I shall hold on till after syf...

btw, I juz woke up from my nap and so far, I've been slacking for e hols... And I think i gonna do so for e rest of it?

bleah =P
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