Friday, March 25, 2005


feeling an extremely inevitable sense of helplessness...

why are they forever liddat? if they dun grant me a chance to fly alone, will i be able to do so in e near future? they always think dat i can't take care of myself and still require e utmost and "divine" care from them when apparently I am really of e age to start taking care of myself. Hello? It's like i'm 17 now? And i'm not dat type of childish kiddy gal? i can declare proudly for myself dat i'm an independent individual... im serious. But why am I not granted e freedom dat I yearn so much for? And dis is really a lame excuse she gave... Wad dun go for dis outing doesnt mean dat we're not frens anymore like hello?! dat's not e point? everyone will be busy with their school work and activities next time will we still have ample time like now to spend together and interact?

i told my brother abt e feather-photo thingy and how i guess e title correctly... it juz came up to my mind with a snap of e fingers. My brother told me coz dat's wad I want... Freedom... Dat it's in my head at all times... Making its appearance every now and then but nv disappearing. I really yearn for freedom. Really... really

i can picture myself rotting uselessly at home tml while my darling dear frens are enjoying themselves thoroughly

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