Monday, March 28, 2005

a RAndom-DARing story

do u wanna noe a story? here it goes...

A grp of ppl loves being together and enjoys each other's company. However, they're always forced to be unable to enjoy themselves thoroughly coz dis radar keeps on circling them making them really irritated and well, annoyed. This grp of ppl always discuss, openly/secretly among themselves abt e radar... Mabbe spending a lil too much time on dat it-which-muz-not-be-named...

Moral of e story, no one shld let themselves down juz coz of some stupid radar system.

2nd moral of e story, ppl shld focus (at least, try to) talk abt more tie1 shen1 topics, yar? Mabbe den radar system will be destroyed

Conclusion of e story: CHAO1 SHUANG4! =)

*ONE NITE WITH...* *dang1 ni3 gu1 dan1 ni3 hui4 xiang3 qi3 shui2...*

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