Sunday, March 20, 2005

p sch frens gathering

headache in e morning... even woke up at like ard 5am coz it's so pain... Slept till late... like till ard 11am... Din go for dance practice in e end...

After dat felt much better, so still went out with my p sch frens... We meet like once during march, june, sept and dec hols and I can't afford to miss dis gathering. I love my p sch frens and want to show and tell them that I will do forever and ever.

Ppl involved: Guoyou, Phil, Alex, Shihan, Yonghui plus me
Activities: Pool, KBox, Eat+Talk, Bridge (Shihan's house)
Time: 1.30-10.30

Guoyou quite poor thing le... coz we went Kbox to sing chi songs and dis language can be considered alien to him... I guess he only comes into contact with chi when he's with us... Well at least we reminded him dat chi does exist in his life =) hehe... Pity he had to leave coz his sis fell sick and was alone at home... haiz...

Phil's words: It's always very special meeting you all... Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps like this when we dun see each other so often, we cherish these moments more...

It's very very very true. I din noe Phil is capable of coming up with such big words... =)

Alex: Thx for ur prez... I really love it. =) But u guys and gals are e greatest gift I ever had
Han: Hope u can successfully get to VJ and enjoy urself! Till we meet again! =)
Phil: Yo big guy! When u crash HC muz muz muz muz tell me k? =)
Yonghui: Hey gal... Os are over... Dun dwell abt it too much yar? =) JIA YOU! Life goes on
GY: Hey boy, u better sing some songs for us next time! =) we wun want alex hogging e mike

Friendship is magical... It is even capable of making my headache disappear into thin air

This is the 10th yr of our friendship... Ppl ard me... My other friends... Some of their p sch mates... Juz dun kp in contact anymore... I'm really proud to tell them that well, I still do. And they're forever my best of friends...

Friends Forever
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