Monday, March 21, 2005


my di crashed hc chem lecture today! he was sitting beside me and hahaha i realised he cant keep still! oh btw coz today tchs founder's day aka prize presentation to those smarties whose l1r5 is 6 and msg is 1.5 and below... my di power right? hahaha

Anw, he's back to e same dilemma again. HC or RJ... Sighz... One will have to come to a decision sooner or later...

SORRY WEIZHENG! I'M SUPER SORRY 05S61! Sorry I can't join u ppl for dinner today! Paiseh! Pls dun be angry! I'm especially sorry to weizheng plus e huang cheng ppl... Sorry Sorry Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuan Liang Wo ba!!!!!

Oh btw... a general request... Next time got any outings can tell us in advance? pls? otherwise last minute right, i like 80% sure cannot...

Thx thx!
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