Monday, February 21, 2005
first thing that comes to mind:

school = i miss nygh loads
coffee = doesnt keep me awake
vanilla = I dun really like vanilla but it is ok lar
yellow = banana (peel banana peel peel banana~)
pink = medicine. I dislike pink >.<
popcorn = hahaha dat time charms ngoh and I cant even finish ½ of e popcorn
summer = OP (dun ask me why...)
moon = it is... round
memories = last year O lvl... =s
sushi = yay I like! But not raw ones! E ones in coro not bad!
sorry = whenever u do anything wrong and u noe it, u shld to say it
dog = bobo! Sleeping now
country = Taiwan!
love = is invincible and invisible
cameras = my darling digi cam
bed = I feel like sleeping now
thanksgiving = turkey. As shown in cartoons hehe
aloha = RJ 2004 open house
holiday = I love hols man can I have more of them? Pls?
movies = haha motion pictures and GP lesson today. Cannot say movies, muz say motion pic
chocolate = my darling charms. Love chocs as much as I love her gifts to me. But I definitely love her more.
shoes = I cant walk in heels. Trying to.
music = jay! David tao! JJ! AH!!!!
bra = e theory of bra
green = hongzhen and her green froggie
ball = erm southpark. Think abt it.
rock = my suggestion of using ‘rocking’ instead of ‘stoning’ coz e rock will be angry with us using stone
kiss = my cat
life = is w/o or with a purpose
honey = honey and egg white can make facial mask le
Harry Potter = waiting for e bk coming out in june
hurt = heart
friends = I love my darlings and dears. Love all my friends.
Christmas = I like xmas but I dun celebrate it... juz... yar
prom = dress and skirts (oh my)
dob: 11-02-1988
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city: singapore