Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I dun wanna forget abt all these...

Tried doing maths in e lib... With Adeline, Constance and Tiffany. Tiffany and I slept for a while... Xiaoqi and all at lecture... We slacking... Adeline was reading this chim chim psychologically inclined article abt sex... Read it after that it's... weird. Hahaha dun understand. Did maths after that... At the very end we went for chinese together. After that saw my senior Esther!!!!!!! She looks so alive and vibrant and... Juz quite different from wad she used to be in nygh! More loosen up... Happy life there Esther!

Xiaoqi, Constance and I went eating at bedok central some Jap restaurant on 7th Jan, Fri... They intro me to that restaurant coz our OGL Brandon told them it's cheap and quite nice (i think...) Anw yup so we went in and sat ard the table with 4 seats. Xiaoqi and Constance sitting opposite me... Me sitting opposite Xiaoqi and my bag opposite Constance. We were looking at the menu and chatting away when I noticed some movement behind and beside me, pulled out the chair, took my bag away and demanded "where's my lunch where's my lunch?" ok apparently that's Frankie. He had a bet with Constance the day b4 coz Constance did not believe that he's from HK but apparently he is... So she lost and s'pose to treat him to lunch but she escaped with us. His sudden appearance made the three of us juz like totally shocked (mouths wide opened AH)... Anyway he sat for a while then stood up and left... Still chanting for his lunch from Constance. After he left the three of us tried to calm ourselves down and laughed. Hahaha Constance cham liao lor... He stalked us for his lunch! Hahaha no lar juz joking. Anyway it's such a coincident.

After that went buy cards for the OGLs... Hahaha this is really funny... Esp someone's card... Xiaoqi was laughing like mad and we nearly like dun wanna ren4 her. So before I forget... Yuen Rong's card is the one with a big smiley sunflower in front coz it looks so super much like him, Brandon's card is the one with two ppl shaking hands (aha aha), Frankie's card is the one with a 100,000,000 bucks note (btw I'm actually still wondering why no one wants to write his card and end up we have to do "oh ya bei ya som" and I LOST but coz my handwriting sux the job was handed over to Xiaoqi... *grinz* right Xiaoqi?), Yu Zhi gets the one dog card... Shan Zhi gets the 3 cats card (reasons? obvious...), Zhencong the cute cute cats and dogs card and Jia Hao the one cat card...

I love mass dances. TJ mass dances really rock~ OGLs... Hello! Although basically only Brandon can dance really well, Yuen Rong can rem the steps while the others can't... u all are also nice OGLs! Clap Clap for ur efforts and thx all of OG8 for brightening up my days at TJ!

Lunch one day???
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