Thursday, January 06, 2005

TJC Orientation 4th day...

Went Suntec the fountain of wealth there for a TJC mass dance! So cool! But a bit too squeezy and our OGLs dunno e dance well :S

Charms and Ngoh came to visit me at Suntec! I was so damn touched and happy... and super honoured coz they actually rushed to see me! I LOVE U ALL! Oh yar Charms... hehe... Shuai right? :P

Wanted to crash RJ ppl dancing at esplanade but in e end din do so coz it's too late... I'm quite saddened that I can't visit my darlings. Sigh nvm I got to see ya all and I'm damn happy le! Go out on sat k pls? :)

Ended up playing games as an entire OG. Kao eh our OGLs really very sicko le how ah? Erm nvm lar hahaha quite funny... As long as I'm not e selected one to do the sicko stuff! Bleah~

Today noe... Shi Hui, Zi Yu and (sheesh i forgot her name)... Shall ask tml.

Let's rock on on on on...
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