Wednesday, January 05, 2005

TJC Orientation 3rd day...

Ok same thing... I enjoyed the mass dances e most. Prob coz I juz like to dance lar... hehe

Erm sigh our grp din get selected for e Renaissance Night! Sigh nvm we did our best with Kung Fu Hustle spoof... And it's quite funny lor! But maybe like wad Tiffany said, ppl who nv watch b4 dunno wad's going on... But still, it's funny.

Hmmm... Oh ok b4 i forget, some Timothy and Stephen from ACSI, some Darren guy from dunno wad sch, Shi Hui from dunno where i cant rem... Xiao Xin from TSS... Yi Wen from Nan Chiau... Zi Yu from dunno where cant rem again... Qianmin (she's chio!) and Jie Yi... Basically dat's all lar.

Tml got mass dances at Suntec! Sounds like a big deal of fun since I like their mass dances! Cool! Gonna go with e others! :)

PDPs... Shall see all of it lar!

Good nitez my darling 409... Guess most of u are asleep now. Luv ya and miss ya...
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