Tuesday, January 04, 2005

TJC Orientation 2nd day...

Hah! I nv talk to any guys at all... Nice man I feel like I'm in an all-girls enviro! ^_^ Anw our grp seriously *sigh* erm nvm dun say le

But the OGLs are hmmm... Yar... At least 2 of them shuai lar... eh eh dun xiang3 wai1 pls

Played Amazing Race today... Walked and ran from TJC to East coast park nearly dieded... Like trng for 3.2km liddat... Sigh e threat this number offers me... *shivers*

Ran here and there... Got to know more friends le! YAY! Let's see... Adeline and Xiu Hui from AHS, Nadiah and Sam (ui-tha I think... but she said can call her Sam by short :P) both from TKGS I think, Charlene from DHS (shihan's friend!), Sandy from Anderson... That's all I think yar...

TJ dances are NICE! YAY! Hahahaha

Cya tml!
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