Monday, January 03, 2005

TJC Orientation 1st day...

Hello TJC!

For all I noe now... I must not sink and settle down. Stay floating... Buoyant


Anyway, I intended to sleep at 11.30pm... In e end I can't sleep at all! Ended up getting up from e bed and walking ard for 4 times in e nite... My, it's been a long time since I last shi1 mian2. I kept thinking that I'm going back to nanyang and there's nothing to be scared of. I'm going to be a sec2 or 3 or 4...

Of course... dat's impossible. Coz I've been through all.

Was on e verge of tears when I was in bed... Chanting my close nygh friends' names... Wondering when will I be able to see them again...

When one door closes another opens... But often we look so long so regretfully upon the closed door that we fail to see the one that has opened for us.


Stepped into the grounds of TJC... Like wow am I e only nygh gal here? Coz apparently I dun see anyone with e familiar hong zi around... walked walked walked and WOW I saw Jianxin! Strangely I'm always able to recognize her back view and her bag... Maybe she's too unique hehe.

Saw Jeslyn, Eevien, Dawn, Jianxin... Plus Melissa and the other 2 whom I dunno e names... 8 nygh gals... Pathetic eh? hehehe

First person I get to know: Jing Ting from AHS
Second person I get to know: Tiffany from XMS
Then randomly got to know others... Mostly girls. Xiao Qi and Li Juan from TKSS... Jing Ying from Anderson... Ean and Xinni from AHS... Then some Benjamin and David... That's all i can rem. Poor memory mah. Miaow~

Played games... Cheer and cheer and cheer. Might have place my paper with all e cheers into some others' singtel bags (red) coz they all look e same. Sorry too blur le.

Anyway... why are our OGLs all guys ah? Weird... Hmmm

BTW I do wonder why some ppl forever din realise dat he/she is soooooo damn irritating and that i wld like to have some peace and pls pls pls stop bothering me?

I'm also seriously wondering how come how on earth that someone knows I'm in TJC. Seriously scary.

Shall end this on a brighter note... TJC mass dance is cool! I'm serious! :)

There's Amazing Race tml... Looking forward to it!
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