Friday, January 14, 2005

M.A.D auditions

Ooo today is the day man... Today...

The auditions were divided into 3 parts... For our group we did hip-hop, freestyle and modern dance... In dat order. I was so super freaked out by freestyle. Juz the mention of dat makes me go HUH??? I've never ever done dat in my life b4? Impromptu dance moves? Erm........... Sorry I think I can dance but not choreograph... Esp for dis kinda funky moves... *shakes head*

So freestyle is erm... A bit e flop... Coz I juz like move to e music... The music makes me wanna dance but I juz can't come up with super complex moves... But I want to get into M.A.D hip-hop!!! BOO-HOO

Oh yar my di4 crash hc again lor... Hahaha and he said dat he saw me in the room beneath the audi waiting to audition for modern dance den he dun dare to shout my name! Hahaha so funny wad's there to be ashamed abt? Coz u noe me right... dat's why very shameful right... tsk tsk wad kinda didi are u??? Answer for yourself! And btw ur jie3 is very zi4 li4 one k? I can take care of myself! BLEAH~ U better come hc after 1st 3 mths arh...


Oh yar went back to nygh to see their SYF dance... Quite nice u noe! hehehe oh yar saw charms in MGS uniform so weird... Used to her wearing nygh uniform lar mabbe... Bleah... And yay Xiaoli! We exchange on Monday k? Can't wait! Excited!!!!!!!

05S61... All e way~

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