Saturday, January 15, 2005

LEP camp

Whoosh! LEP camp today...

It started quite badly for our grp... which is grp no.2 (we call ourselves "e4 bu4 si3") only have like 7 pathetic grp members? We're the smallest grp... dots. Plus we dun have dat kinda super enthu ppl in our grp and most of us need time to get used to each other. Yar so it was damn like erm at the beginning. Oh yar btw juz a comment, erm thx to the great discovery by Hongji and Qinghua... that there are 3 yingying s who are taking higher chinese/lep... So yar loadsa confusion next time. NICE! I like! The other 2 can answer qns for me! Hahaha hao3 jian4 orh... Yar so starting was rlly bad... but it got better after a while :)

There's this war game thingy... Divided into 2 grps... We're the yellow ribbons and the opposing team blue ribbons. The ribbons represent our life-lines. So if somebody from the other group came to snatch ur ribbon, u're announced "dead" and needa go to the "cememtry" where they'll splash water at u and stuff. Getting wet is fun~~~ bleah but I kana caught twice... Last time by Yu Qing but BLEAH hehehe coz the game ended le... Hahaha

Anyway yar our grp perf quite toot lar... But I like le! Hehe... Advertisements spoofs. Chai Ling is sooooooooooooooooooo super cute with her baby-acting! I love u Chai Ling! And I acted as a lotta stuff lar... Hahaha anyway Guo Lu is soooooooooooooo shuai with her being the "Shan1 Zha1 Da4 Xia2"! I love u too!!!!!!!

I dun think the games are boring and stupid lar... But yar... I guess if one is not part of us... the one will stay with e misconception and wrong impression abt us...

They all went off to Chinatown... So good!!!! But I can't go... Falling sick. And so many ppl there sure will kana sick if I come back...

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