Sunday, January 16, 2005

End of e week...

Went Bugis with Ah Yee and Weiting... 2 of my better friends from DES... And all of us are traitors since we've quit. Bleah~

Took neoprints with Ah Yee... Anyway we went walk walk all e way... Bought a blouse... Den juz walk and talk and eat. After that went for dance at Napfa... Den charms called to tell me she's lost her way when I'm in e toliet and I was so worried abt her... But in e end she found her way here anyway. YAY!

Haiz... Suddenly felt that I've still yet to "fit" into the class... I better try harder to break the barrier... But ppl, pls dun build up too thick a barrier for me to break through? Hehe thx! But anyway... 05S61 still rocks all e way!

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